Store your luggage in Porto, Portugal.

Have stories to tell, not bags to carry.

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Our Concept

LuggageKeeper offers an innovative service for travellers where they can find the best place to store their luggage safely and conveniently in one of the many LuggageKeeper’s partners around the city.

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How it works

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Use our map to find the best Keeper to drop your luggage.

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Check in

Click "Check-in" when you arrive in the shop.

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Attach Security Seal

The keeper will provide you the security seals for your bags. Your bags are covered by LuggageKeeper.

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Pay online

You only pay for the hours used. No payments in store and no cash.

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Check out

Click "check out" when returning.

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Ask the keeper to return your bags.

Promotional Pricing (30% off)

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  • €0.7/hour per each bag (+€1.4 admin fee per reservation).
  • Never pay more than €4.2 per bag for the first 24 hours.
  • €3.5 per bag for extra days.
  • Your bag is insured.

Feel Free and Safe

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Your luggage is insured against damage, loss and theft.
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All keepers are certified by LuggageKeeper.
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Online customer service is on hand 24/7.
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Each bag is secured with an exclusive security seal.