Terms & Conditions

1. The company

LuggageKeeper.net and its associated Website is owned and managed by

Seixas&Meirinhos, LDA
R. Campo Alegre, 1380, Porto
Company Registration No. 514849940

E-mail: contact@Luggagekeeper.com
Tel: +351 910 889 585

When these terms mention “LuggageKeeper,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” it refers to the LuggageKeeper company that is responsible for your information under these terms and conditions (the “Data Controller”).

When these terms mention “Keepers”, it refers to the LuggageKeeper’s partners that are the local shops where you can drop off your luggage.

Important things to ensure the safety of your luggage:
  • Your baggage is covered up to and including a maximum of €200 in the event of any loss or damage to your luggage, this including the value of the bag/suitcase. Payment for service must have been done directly to LuggageKeeper using the online service. No payment in cash or directly to the shop.
  • Your bag must not contain jewellery, cash or similar valuables. Please check point number 4 where you can find the list of items which are not covered by LuggageKeeper, in case of any loss or damage to your baggage.

2. Bookings

2.1 Ordering on the Website
  • It is possible to book storage via the Website 24/7. Orders made outside the shop’s opening hours can only be used the following day once the shop has opened.
  • The individual shop’s opening hours are listed on the Website. The customer can localise a local shop that provide temporary storage of the desired luggage by the customer. Only shops with contracts to LuggageKeeper will be visible.
2.2 Information asked about registration and booking
  • Customers should register in the website to create a Lugaggekeeper account. The information that is needed to create an account is: name, email and password.
  • When the customer is booking a storage is asked the following information:
    • Location
    • Number of bags
    • Payment card information
  • The money is only deducted from the payment card when the luggage has been collected from the shop.

3. Storage

3.1 Keeper's Opening Hours
  • This website provides the opening times of each Keeper, and Customers are responsible for checking that these suit their booking plans.
3.2 Responsibility
  • Each customer is responsible for any direct or indirect damage (its property or any third parties) to the Keeper caused by the items stored or by any negligent act or omission of the customer.
  • Each Keeper is responsible for any damage to, or loss or theft of, items stored with that Keeper unless the damage is caused by factors beyond the control of the Keeper. As an intermediary service provider, LuggageKeeper will not be responsible in either case stated above and each Customer and Keeper releases LuggageKeeper from any liability to it.

4. Which Type of Luggage

The following types of luggage are not considered as standard:
  1. Jewellery
  2. Cash
  3. Weapons
  4. Valuable documents
  5. Life-saving medicine
  6. Explosive items and substances
  7. Flammable fluids etc.
  8. Live animals
  9. Perishable goods; including food etc.
  10. Narcotics
  11. Items that are illegal to possess according to Portuguese law.
  12. Fragile items that are not suitable for storage with other luggage.
  13. Items with significant sentimental value
  14. Other items like those in i. pt.
  • Please be aware that the shop has the right to ask you to open your luggage to make sure that no forbidden belongings are stored in your luggage.
  • All valuable items must be placed in an area in the luggage that can be locked off by the customer.
  • Damage or loss of the items covered in pt. ii or in accordance with pt. iii, are not covered by LuggageKeeper or the shop, and are therefore the customer’s own responsibility.
  • LuggageKeeper and the shop have the right to refuse storing luggage that contains items listed in point ii.
  • Should LuggageKeeper or the shop become aware that any luggage stored contains the items listed in pt. ii, depending on the nature of the item, they are entitled to destroy or re-move the item, hand it over to the police or other authority, ensure suitable storage at the customer’s cost or in any other way take the necessary action for the relevant items.
  • Actions taken following pt. vi shall be without any liability to LuggageKeeper or the shop and at the customer’s expense, in the event the action has led to costs for LuggageKeeper or the shop.
  • Luggage is insured and covered up to and including a maximum of €200 incl. VAT and including the price of the bag itself.

5. Payment

  • The customer has to full fill the payment card information and if the customer wishes to change the payment details, the customer needs to use any new payment details for any future payments from the Website (to do this change go to settings and in case of any trouble please contact our support).
  • The money is only deducted from the card when the luggage has been collected from the keeper.
  • The customer receives a receipt for each transaction made. Payment details are on the Website.
  • The price deducted from any card payment will reflect the actual drop off time and pick up time. The price for this will be shown on the website.
  • ll payments by Customers to LuggageKeeper will be processed through the Stripe online payment system, unless clearly stated otherwise. Payments made through Stripe will be subject to their automatic fraud checks. Please see www.stripe.com/radar for more information.

6. Cancelations

  • The consumer law in Portugal applies to purchases via Luggagekeeper.net.
  • The customer has right to cancel the booking without any cost before he uses the service, that is, before the customer drops off the luggage in the keeper.

7. Incorrect Information

  • The individual shop is responsible for updating information about available capacity, opening hours etc. but reserves the right to make errors in this information.
  • If the customer discovers an error or incorrect information, the customer is encouraged to contact LuggageKeeper or the relevant shop.
  • LuggageKeeper cannot be held responsible if the luggage ordered cannot be dropped off as ordered, but LuggageKeeper will make all efforts and strive to refer to another LuggageKeeper shop suited the needs from the customer.

8. Incorrect Information

  • These Conditions and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them are governed by, and will be construed in accordance with, Portuguese law. The courts of Portugal shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim relating to these Terms and Conditions.